Projects I created

Welcome to my portfolio, a showcase of my journey in the realm of technology and design.
This curated list represents a diverse range of endeavors that I've had the privilege to work on. Each project presents my dedication and passion for design and development.
Explore and get a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that await when technology meets creativity.

Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN) and edge cloud platform that helps businesses optimize website and application performance by providing faster and more reliable content delivery.

I am supporting Web Engineering and Localization teams in creating new pages and maintaining existing pages.

CrystalBridge is a powerful data management tool for analyzing, archiving, restructuring and migrating data securely and quickly to new systems or cloud environments.

As part of All For One company, I am Application Architect responsible for several microservices based on node.js, components library and application architecture.

Noisli is a popular digital tool and mobile application designed to provide various ambient sounds and background noises to help users improve focus, enhance productivity, and promote relaxation. It allows users to customize and mix different sounds, such as rain, thunderstorm, forest ambiance, waves, coffee shop noise, and more.

It's a website related to the biggest event focused on wicker and weaving. It was created to advertise an opportunity for basket makers from around the world not only to submit their work to the assessment of an international jury, but above all to learn about design trends, techniques and materials used in other geographical latitudes.

It's a website created for one of the biggest weavers' and wickerworkers' association of Poland. It is a platform dedicated to showcasing the work of wickerwork craftsmen of the association. It also feature information about the craft, techniques and materials.

It's a personal website created for Polish senator Jan Libicki. It feature about me section, contact section and several links to senator's social media.